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Aaron Nemchin
Senior Account Manager

As an equipment finance specialist for Tandem Equipment Finance, I work with Commercial Equipment Vendors and Lessees from a wide variety of industries to find creative and strategic finance options. With over 20 years experience as a financial solutions specialist, I have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. As a trusted leasing specialist, I work with both vendors and end-users to find a solution that meets their specific needs.

Typically the clients I work with are:

– EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS/VENDORS: If you have trouble closing sales due to the high cost of your equipment I can help! Leasing options can help suppliers close more sales and increase profits. Leading with an affordable monthly lease payment means you don’t have to compromise equipment price. Leasing solutions are an affordable option for customers who wish to pay for equipment as it provides revenues to their business. Leasing allows businesses to preserve their cash & lines of credit for expenses related to operating their business.

– BUSINESS OWNERS: If you need to purchase equipment but do not have the cash available to pay for it, we can offer payment schedules that match cash flow of your business. Leasing makes equipment affordable. And an equipment lease may offer the flexibility to trade up or trade in so you can always upgrade your equipment to meet your business demands.

The application process is simple, secure, and quick. Within hours, Tandem and I can make it possible to easily acquire the assets needed to keep your business growing. I can support with everything listed below and even equipment that is now listed, we can probably support you, all you have to do is contact me to ask.

  • Heavy equipment, yellow iron, attachments, excavators, backhoes, dozers and more
  • Commercial vehicles from half-ton to semi-truck as well as vans
  • Agricultural equipment (structures, sprayers, grain bins, combines, baggers and more)
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Computer & IT equipment
  • Medical, dental, healthcare & hygiene equipment
  • Leasehold improvements, practice purchases, office renovations.
  • Trailers, new and used
  • Office furniture
  • Private and dealer sales
  • Business capital loans


Speaking of capital, I can also help your business secure up to $300K in Business Capital to be used on inventory, marketing, staffing or anything your business may need to finance in the short-term. To find out more about how leasing can help grow your business contact me directly on my phone or by email.

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