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Daniel Zitnansky
Senior Account Manager

I began as a Commercial and Medical Leasing Specialist in 1998 and became a full-time direct leasing account manager in February 1999. I provide creative lease financing solutions for all types of equipment and industries. I am a very experienced and trusted leasing specialist and I work closely with both equipment vendors and end user to ensure the best available program and lease outcome for any requirement.

Typically, the clients I work with are in the commercial, transportation, industrial, computer/IT, landscaping, machine tool, fork-lift, automotive, telecom, printing, industrial cleaning and other industries.

Equipment Suppliers/Vendors: If you have trouble closing sales due to the high cost of your equipment, I can help! We have exciting and proven methods that will close more business, faster and at better margins. Leading with an affordable monthly lease payment means you don’t have to compromise equipment price. Leasing solutions are affordable options for customers who wish to pay for equipment as they profit from it! Leasing also allows a business to retain its cash and lines of credit for expenses related to growing and maintaining the business.

Medical Professionals, Truck drivers and transportation business owners and Commercial Business Owners: If you need to purchase equipment and would prefer not to use your cash to acquire it, we can provide specific payment schedules and scenarios that will enable you to match your revenues/cash flows and expenditures. This will enable you to acquire and upgrade for equipment that will make you both more effective and efficient in meeting your businesses requirements. Leasing your equipment and trucks/trailers will also give you a full tax benefit and will allow you to stay current with technology and upgrades.

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