Personalized Service Makes All The Difference

David Bico
Senior Account Manager

What I can do for you

Together with Tandem, I can help equipment vendors increase their sales, improve their margins and get paid quicker now and in the future.

We can help customers to conserve their cash, match expenses with revenues, and find a potential tax write off.

Our asset appetite is huge! We work in the Commercial, Medical, Construction, Golf, and Trucking markets, dealing with both new and used equipment.

We make the leasing experience easy for both the vendor and the customer across a wide spectrum of industries. Simple one page application, quick turn around times for approvals, lease documents sent out the same day we receive the vendor invoice, and payment within 2 business days of signed documents received and equipment delivered.

With 20 years experience in the leasing industry, I know how to help you clear any hurdles to make your business thrive. I know that time is money and will work at breakneck speeds to understand your business to provide you with the custom-tailored payment structure you need to match your cash flow.

What I do for fun

When I’m not putting together the best leasing packages for my clients through Tandem, you can find me on my sailboat in the Summer, and on the ski slopes in the Winter.

I also believe in supporting our community, and do so with various charitable events throughout the year. Watch for an invite to an upcoming event.

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